Fastest Go Karts


The Fastest Go KartsĀ in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, Tn !

In less than a mile on the Parkway in Pigeon Forge, Tn, you can experience some of the fastest go karts anywhere! You can speed through challenging curves, fly up and down hills and race to an exciting finish on any of our 7 tracks!

The newest and fastest go karts in Pigeon Forge are at Xtreme Racing Center between traffic lights #7 & #8. Check out this whole new way of racing in the area and their awesome arcade at this 3 million dollar complex.

Maintaining The Fastest Go Karts
Keeping our go karts the fastest takes constant care. Our crack staff of mechanics and experienced small engine specialists know what it takes to keep them fast! With a few tweaks and tricks of the trade, these guys have a little friendly competition of their own going on to see who can “out-do” the other! When they’re not working, they stop by on occasion to join in on the fun themselves!

New Inventory
Like anything else, there comes a time to replace the “old with the new” and go karts are no different. Track managers are required to keep a close eye on every aspect of their location and make sure all equipment is safe and ready to perform. When it’s time to upgrade, they contact corporate and orders for the new karts are made.